What to bring...


What is needed to get approved and riding.

Please bring the following items to qualify for the lowest down payment and to make the best deal:

  1. Proof of identification: North Carolina drivers license (required)
  2. Proof of income: Two recent paystubs (Paystubs need to show Year-to-Date numbers).
  3. Two proofs of residence: (A) Home phone bill or cell phone bill (or receitps) (B) Utility bills from your place of residence (this can be a water, gas or cable/satellite TV bill, mortgage statement, rental lease or cell phone bill is preferred. (Must provide 2 pieces of mail that have your name on them)
  4. Proof Insurance. Insurance is only required for on-road motorcycles that requires a North Carolina issued license plate. MotoMax does not require insurance on items that the state does not require liability insurance on.
  5. Reference List: Six Personal References complete with name, address and phone numbers. Good references are people like parents, co-workers, friends, cousins, borthers or sisters.
  6. Down Payment. If a down payment is required we only accept cash, debit or credit cards. Visa and MasterCard only. Cashier checks are accepted during normal banking hours when funds can be verified.

Customer can apply in person at the store or online. Customers that apply online will be approved subject to the information that is submitted online being verified. The terms of approval are based on the information that you submit. All customers are encouraged to apply online. MotoMax.net uses GeoTrust and has an up to date SSL Certificate. The website is safe and secure and all personal data is housed and processed by a secure site.