Motorcycle Safety

 When Buying a Motorcycle:
  • Select a motorcycle that fits. You should be able to touch the ground with both feet.

  • Check the location of the controls. Make sure you can reach and operate them easily and comfortably.

Get Trained:

  • Read and understand the owner's manual.

  • Take a course from a certified instructor before first operation.

  • Be alert, use common sense and ride within your abili

Always Wear Protective Gear:

  • Helmet

  • Protective Clothing

  • Eye Protection

Things to know and be aware of:

  • Do not carry passengers until you are an experienced rider.

  • If you will be carrying a passenger, make sure the motorcycle you select has a passenger seat and footpegs for the passenger.

  • Remember: the bike goes where you look. Don't fixate on anything you don’t want to hit.

  • Know your motorcycle’s limitations.

  • If you are on a group ride, don’t worry about keeping up with the group. Ride at your own pace.

  • Check your tire pressure before every ride.

  • Never drink alcohol and ride

When You are Riding:    

  • Avoid tailgating.

  • Avoid riding between lanes of slow moving or stopped traffic.

  • Know and obey traffic laws, including ordinances in your community.

  • Avoid excessive noise by leaving the stock muffler in place or using a muffler of equivalent noise reduction.

  • Avoid excessive speeds and be extra careful on difficult terrain.

  • Slow down before entering blind turns and be watchful at intersections and when passing driveways and alleys.