ATV Safety

 Get Trained:
  • Read and understand the owner's manual.

  • Take a course from a certified instructor before first operation.

  • Be alert, use common sense and ride within your ability.

Always Wear Protective Gear: 

  • Helmet

  • Googles

  • Over-the-ankle boots

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • Long pants

Do Not Permit Children to drive or ride Adult ATVs:

  • Keep children off large-engine ATVs. Kids under six years old should never operate an ATV with an engine size of 50cc or greater. Kids under 12 years old should never operate an ATV with an engine size of 70cc or greater.

  • Never allow a child under the age of 16 to operate a category “Y” (youth model) ATV without adult supervision.

Things to know and be aware of:

  • Never drink alcohol and ride.

  • Keep off paved surfaces or public roads.

  • Do not carry a passenger on an ATV, unless it is a model specifically designed for that purpose.

  • Avoid excessive speeds and be extra careful on difficult terrain.

  • Never open the throttle or make sudden gear changes on a hill.

  • Never go over the top of any hill at high speed.

  • Avoid going down a hill at an angle that would cause the vehicle to lean sharply to one side. Go straight down hills where possible.

  • Do not attempt to drive over large objects.

  • Do not attempt to drive through fast flowing or deep water.

  • Test your brakes after leaving water.

  • Be in shape to take all the punishments a trail will offer. Be prepared to walk out in case of breakdown.

  • Know how to make simple field repairs. Carry tools and spare parts.