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MotoMax can work with any type of outside motorcycle lender but most customers choose to go with our “In-House” financing option. The following are just  10 reasons why our "In-House" financing option is so popular.

  1. MotoMax financing is not via a revolving branded credit card like the ones manufacturers, such as Honda and Yamaha, so often push on customer who have or have had credit problems.

  2. MotoMax financing always has a fixed rate of interest. Manufacturer financing often comes with teaser rates that expire after 12 months or balloon if your payments are not made on time.

  3. MotoMax has a financing option even if you have bad credit. We offer guaranteed credit approval as long as who live and work within 75 miles from the dealership.

  4. MotoMax financing always use the simple interest instead of Rule of 78. Simple interest rewards customers that pay early and does not penalize you if you decide to pay the loan off early.

  5. MotoMax only charges a $69.99 document fee. The industry standard for document fee is $199. Be choosing the MotoMax “In-House” financing plan you can instantly be saving more than $130.

  6. MotoMax never charges a Dealer Prep or Freight Fee. “Dealer Prep Fees” and “Freight” are fees that the motorcycle and ATV dealerships charges in order to put the unit together and gas it up. Dealerships charge $215 to $275 for this. MotoMax has never and will never charge a “Dealer Prep Fee” or a “Freight Fee”. This means that by shopping at MotoMax you save that $275.

  7. By using MotoMax's In House financing you can establish a credit history or repair your existing credit. MotoMax reports monthly to the credit bureau so all on time payments could positively effect your credit score. This a extremely important to anyone trying the build or improve their credit.

  8. MotoMax “In – House” financing plans are administered and collected by a friendly member of our staff. With bank or branded credit cards the collectors are not accessible. If you are going to be little late on a payment or need some extra time, a friendly collector is available and willing help. The collection staff is located inside the store and strives to develop a personal relationship with each customer.

  9. All buyers that choose to finance with MotoMax gets a free warranty with their purchase. This could be a savings of $500 or more. When shopping for a motorcycle or atv make sure that a warranty is included in the out the door purchase price. Almost all of our competitors sell extended warranty on their used bikes.

  10. MotoMax's standard finance term is for two and a half to three and a half years. When comparing the total price paid for a motorcycle make sure to consider the term of the loan. Your MotoMax payment may be $40 more a month but if the term is two years less then it is clearly a better deal.

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